January 6, 2011

requiem: the corner suite bistro (vancouver)

It's always sad when a new friend leaves us. After a bumpy opening earlier this year, The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe was beginning to gain some traction and traffic. It all came to a quiet end when they went on vacation on New Year's Day, and never came back.

I'm glad I got to experience their dinner service on Christmas Day. Props to them for even opening on December 25, and they were rightfully packed (I tipped 30% that night). It will also be known as the meal where I had my first cocktail. I asked the bartender for a bourbon drink and he gave me this tasty creation called an "Old Fashioned."

No review today - just a pictorial of my meal on that blissful winter eve.

Homemade pork terrine with apricot dip

Dreamy tender venison, deep and dark demi, wild mushrooms, and squash puree

Bistro-classic croque madame with homemade salt-and-vinegar chips, and rocket

Beef tenderloin with "marrow-cake" and rocket

A play on traditional Christmas dinner: turkey tenders with bread pudding "stuffing," mashed potatoes and jus

A yummy fruitcake pudding

Classic apple tarte tatin


Peter Mahanidis said...

Never mind ~ there will be more good restaurants just around the corner. Maybe they forgot to count the beans? Great Pics.

slif said...

Thanks Peter! I was a little embarassed that I used flash - big no-no for me. Regarding the closure - apparently it was a rent-lease issue that caused the closure. That location has issues - that's the 3rd tenant in so many years to have shut down. The owners have a really good pedigree so everyone expects them back on their feet soon *crosses fingers*