January 30, 2011

dine-out vancouver alternatives - recap

How's everyone's Dine-Out Vancouver experience going? Any stand-outs? Any fizzles? Any straight-out regrets? Post a comment and let everyone know!

So it's been a week of DoV Alternates and I thought I'd recap them all here in case you missed some:

Tuesday: La Buca (4025 MacDonald Street in the West Side)
Sincerely one of my favourite rooms in town. It's become my birthday dinner tradition 5 years in a row now and going strong! They serve some spectacular Italian cuisine, ranging from rustic to refined - and the servers know their stuff!

Wednesday: Don Guacamole's (1333 Robson in Downtown Vancouver)
Arguably offering the best Mexican eats in town. I've taken a few ex-pats there and they've been quite satisfied. The menu is quite varied and doesn't just have your typical tacos and burritos - definitely a place worth exploring.

Thursday: Hi Genki (6680 Southoaks Crescent in East Burnaby)
An unusual room to say the least, it's actually located in the lobby of the National Nikkei Heritage Centre in Burnaby, just off Kingsway. The Japanese food ranges from warming donburis to grilled yaki platters, with the occasional sushi special. It's owned by the Fujiya group so they get the freshest ingredients, and the very demanding clientele requires them to be on their game. It's always packed and they close by 8PM so come early, no reservations taken! Oh yes, save room for the tempura ice cream. It's to die for!

Friday: Tapenade Bistro (3711 Bayview Street in Steveston)
The hands-down best western-style restaurant in Richmond. Chef Alex Tung knows what he's doing with creative and definitely local specialties crafted with a master's hand. If he's got a fish special, order it. Why? It's about as fresh as it gets - you can probably see the boat it came from just out the window.

Saturday: Adesso Bistro (1906 Haro Street in the West End)
Coming back to downtown, Adesso has taken residence in a room that's seen some great cuisine pass through its doors. Enjoy dishes from the Ligurian region of Italy in one of the coziest and classiest rooms in town. They also offer valet parking, a much appreciated perk in that part of town.

Sunday Brunch: 2 Chefs & A Table (305 Alexander Street in "Railtown")
No it's not quite the happiest neighbourhood in the world, but that's no excuse for avoiding this beautiful and charming room that's known for the amazing brunch. For about $10 a dish, you get a big plate of perfectly executed brunch traditions with a twist. Apple pancakes? Wild salmon hash? Excellent! Get there early and bring a fistful of quarters for the meter.

Sunday Dinner: Burgoo Bistro (3 locations)
Nothing more perfect during winter than a warm bowl of soup or stew. Burgoo specializes in warming your soul with their log cabin motif (complete with fireplace in some locations and blankets on request!) - and they also offer the BEST grilled cheese sandwich EVER. Seriously. Ever. I reviewed them awhile back, give it a read if you haven't already!

Another week of Dine-Out and I'll be right there with another week of DoV Alternates so stay tuned! With Chinese New Year on Wednesday/Thursday, you can imagine there will be a theme coming ;-)

Happy Eating and Gung Hei Fat Choi!

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