October 2, 2008

it begins anew

I'm not a positive person. Really. I'm not.

It's a wonder that I manage to hold onto a small number of people who seem to not recoil at the sight of me.

That being said - it's October 1 - it's fall, it's a whole new season - and perhaps it's time for a change. I'm cleaning up the house and trying to get some long-standing renos done and hopefully that will come with some new perspective as well.

I do enjoy the simple things out there - and one of my absolute favourite things to do on a rainy day is be tucking into a hearty meal while looking out the window into the wet and wily world.

The day started rather sh*tty with me sleeping in and thereby missing my massage therapy and chiro appointments which I'd been looking forward to all week, so right off the back I'm grumpy both mentally and phsically (ironic considering the extra sleep should've helped relax me... go fig).

**hold on**

Yes folks - that was a true definition and proper use of "ironic." No half-assed grammar here... today...


But as the day went, things would slowly ratchet uphill and by dinnertime, I'd be flying high as a kite from 2 incredibly enjoyable meals. And that's when I realized that it's looking back at the simple happy moments of my life that bring out the happy in me... and perhaps - forcing myself to look back at... well... happy things on a daily basis might help.

So here we are with an exercise in... happiness? Either way. Welcome. See you tomorrow.

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